Equestian Lifestyle

Our interior designer is passionate about horses and has intimate knowledge of his work environment. His motto is “It is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle”. . « It is not a hobby, it’s lifestyle ».

It is not just a lifestyle or a passion, it is the equestrian way of life.

We are specialised in customising the design of your working or living space.

Our interior architects ensure that your project is unique.

Quality of life, comfort and the attention to detail are the favoured approach by our interior architects. Their motto is: an idea is well worth pursuing when it is carried out to a high standard.


We rethink and create specific areas within your equestrian facilities in order to improve the well-being of your horses and riders

It is our mission to meet your interior design expectations. We design and create workspaces with improved functionality and security.

The horse’s movements determine workspaces, recreational areas and storage rooms.

The analysis of the requirements of your riders, staff and horses is very important in order to maximise the usage of the various areas in your structure.

A person who mainly uses their horses to go hacking in the countryside will use the space differently to a person that uses his or her horse for show jumping.

In fact, the circulation of horses depends on their speciality (dressage, show-jumping, endurance, etc…). We design intelligent spaces and analyse in detail the operational issues.

Each space is well designed; each piece of equipment has its place according to the site layout.

Each space at the property and the equestrian facilities can be converted and improved to maximise the volume.


Creator of Equestrian Universe